During a minga, community members paint tiles for the new school bathroom

During a minga, community members paint tiles for the new school bathroom

Empowering Girls in Totoras, Ecuador

Hugs for Humanity supports charities that help bring education to children through out the  world. Recently partnering with Free the Children to help build schools in Totoras Chismaute, Ecuador.

“Chismaute is located in the rolling hills of Chimborazo province, Ecuador. This community of 1100 people relies heavily on agriculture and is spread throughout a large geographical area. The people of Chimaute are rich with heritage and despite the large physical area, are still able to maintain a strong sense of community. With a large indigenous population, the community here is remarkable at keeping their indigenous culture and local language, Kichua, alive.”

Fundraising Events

Hug-a-thons were designed to go anywhere. The basic structure can be applied within any community for the purpose of sharing as many hugs within a specified time.  We begin with a group gathering and a kick—off with Hugs 101 “training” and a group hug.  Then the huggers are released to the world. After the specified time, we gather again to share stories, smiles and dance. A good time is had by all and the community is filled with smiles and hugs.

Health Fairs – designed to awaken people to become healthy, happy and connected.  Our Health Fairs bring communities closer together. People can learn, experience and share; helping each person Get More Out Of Life!

Yoga workshops and many more events occur to bring people together with open hearts for growth, happiness, hugs and charitable support.

Your Ideas

If you have an idea for a fundraising event, please contact us!