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FTC_Shuid Students

Students in Shuid are thrilled about the groundbreaking of two new classrooms!

Donate – We are a group of volunteers committed to making the world a better place.  It is through your financial support that we can extend our efforts throughout our communities and the world.  We appreciate donations to help support our events and charitable stewardship efforts.  All and any amounts are appreciated.
Hugs for Humanity.Org has decided to work with non-profit organization, Free the Children, to commit to serving the rural children of Ecuador by building schools. “When enough children are educated, then and only then will there be peace on Earth.”  Will you help us make a difference by helping to educate the children of Ecuador?

Did You Know?

300,000+ children are working as child laborers in Ecuador. 28.6% of Ecuador’s population live below the poverty line.
25.8% of Ecuador’s population suffers from chronic malnutrition. 55% of Ecuador’s indigenous population lives in poverty.


Free The Children’s Objectives in Ecuador

  • Support the development of the country’s indigenous population living in Chimborazo province and the Amazon region.
  • Provide resources, opportunities and connections for community members to lead their own development and lift themselves out of poverty.
  • Strengthen the value placed on ancestral knowledge and cultural identity through their inclusion in our approach to all of our work, including the use of indigenous language, participation in traditions and honoring of community processes.

Please donate now. Every amount counts in meeting our goal of $3,000 to complete our first school.

With sincere appreciation, we Thank You

To learn more about Free the Children efforts in Ecuador, go to